The Best Way to Clean your MacBook’s Screen –

The Best Way to Clean your MacBook's Screen
How to Clean your Macbook

The Best Way to Clean your MacBook’s Screen: How to Clean your Macbook: How to speed up my Mac, my computer or my mobile This is one of the questions that we all asked ourselves on occasion. There are times when nothing can be done to improve the system, but in the case of Apple computers that work uniquely on different systems, we can do something to improve it. And then we will tell you how you can clean the Mac to go faster ,

The Best Way to Clean your MacBook’s Screen to improve Performance and Work Faster

The first thing to say is that the Mac works after switching to Intel and the latest versions of macOS, mainly Windows, in many aspects, but we also need to take into account some special considerations to keep the hardware in good condition. state. Especially not to despair, because it is slow.

How to Clean your Macbook
How to Clean your Macbook

If this is an old Mac, then maybe not so much to make it fly, but it will go faster and if you have a modern Mac, at least we will help you clean it. Ready? Let’s see how to clean the poppy to go faster ,


Upgrade your operating system

What seems to be a box, but not all, is to upgrade the operating system. We will not find any improvements that the operating system should update from any device to the latest version, but suppose that these updates contain the latest security fixes, as well as new ways to optimize some of the Mac settings ,

Apple clearly indicates at any time whether our Mac can be upgraded by law or not, which means the laptop will work very well with the latest supported version. If we have a MacBook 2011, we may not be able to update it to the latest version. but yes to the previous one, and the system will work faster and be more secure.

This is one way to speed up the speed of the Mac, and it also costs us nothing, since the latest versions of macOS are free (and that Catalina arrives …).

Empty office

On the other hand, it’s Direct Tip to clean up a Mac and make it faster . Although Windows presents no problems, many of the elements on your desktop slow down a Mac. The answer is simple: the work of macOS causes these elements with their thumbnails to consume system resources.

It doesn’t matter if you have any files (you can put everything right now), but if you have 20, 30, 40, 50, etc. On the desktop, the system will run slower and slower. It is best to tidy up a little, restore order and move these items to the appropriate section. ,

 and a garbage can

another trick to clear the Mac and go faster, here’s a clean Mac. Not literally, but the files we have in the trash. The cart works the same way as the desktop, and the system treats it as a desktop in older versions of macOS. Therefore, items in the basket consume resources and impair the operation of the system.

Uninstall applications that you do not use

Another way to Clean your Mac is to go faster. The smaller, the less will be the index to make Spotlight, and the faster the system will work. If you want to uninstall applications on a Mac, simply:

  • Click on the apple icon in the upper right corner.
  • Give & About this Mac
  • Go to the “Storage” tab and select & Manage
  • In the new window, delete the necessary applications.

If you do not have a Mac with the latest version of the system, you will need to “extract” applications such as AppCleaner, one of the best applications for uninstalling Mac programs.

Be careful with applications that open at the beginning of a session.

As in Windows, when many applications run, when we turn on the system, we notice that the launch is “worth it.” What you need to do is … effectively eliminate the launch of applications with the system. Fortunately, Mac is not so much waste that want to run next to the system, but there is always something ,

If you do not want this to happen, go to “System Settings” and then to “Users and Groups”. In this window, you need to select “Start Items” to see the applications that run next to your Mac, and then delete or add a new application, depending on your choice.

This is an extremely simple process that will allow your Mac to run faster .

Take out the trash

And speaking of garbage collection, you probably should do it literally. Even if we delete the files that we downloaded and saved for no reason, there will still be traces of these files or cached items.

What you need to clean the Mac and go faster is to go through a program like CCleaner or Onyx and, thus, delete all the data that we do not see, but which burden the system.

Maybe you should buy an SSD …

The latest trick is to make the Mac run faster … this is proof. If you have one of the newer laptops, this is not necessary, but especially with an older MacBook or iMac with Fusion Drive / HDD, having it is the best solution. buy SSD.

For less than 80 euros you can buy a Samsung solid-state drive for your Mac to fly

With SSD Mac flies, and there is no need to control, for example, applications that run near the system. Yes, the rest of the precautions and maintenance should be taken into account, but it is easier to be comfortable with a Mac with an SSD … than with a hard drive.

You have already seen how to clean the poppy to go faster , Now, please, do not accumulate garbage on your device.



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