Thalon the robot that does hotel room service

Thalon, the robot that does hotel room service
Thalon, the robot that does hotel room service

Thalon the robot that does hotel room service : Thalon can take you to the door of a hotel room with coffee, soda or a bar of chocolate. You can even get clothes for washing. This is the first Colombian robot that provides room service in hotels in the country. Android, integrated with an artificial intelligence system with autonomous dexterity, was created by a group of 20 engineers from various disciplines.

Thalon, the robot that does hotel room service

This invention, which seemed to be only the privilege of large technological cities, such as Silicon Valley, was developed in Bogota for two years to create an alternative to replace minibars.

Refrigerators in hotel rooms were both successful (in terms of proximity and convenience for getting food and drinks), as well as a headache for guests and hoteliers. one has to cope with high production costs and low profitability. and negative environmental impact.

Thalon the robot that does hotel room service

The purchase of minibars, as well as maintenance, constant cleaning, product replacement and control of consumer consumption make these devices an option that brings a small income to the hotel and, conversely, many problems.

“Thalon is trained to handle orders for goods for mini-bars, room service for some simple dishes and preparations, and also you can take and transport laundry items,” said Camilo Torres Valencia, manager of unstructured data in Millennium. BPO, the contact center company that created the robot.


Thalon’s development is 100% Colombian.

Thalon integrates computer vision tools, artificial intelligence (AI), Lidar technology (detection and laser telemetry), a system similar to that used in cars without a Uber driver and Google. as well as a combination of sensors that allow you to create digital

Thalon, the robot that does hotel room service
Thalon, the robot that does hotel room service

there is, During its first tour, the Talon explores the space through a 3D map created with its sensors. This is done to identify fixed objects (such as walls, columns and doors) and, therefore, on subsequent visits, adapt to objects that tend to change places (for example, a dining table, a coffee machine, and even a person). a) to avoid them and avoid accidents.

If you want to order something, you can do it from the hotel application, from smart TV or even write to WhatsApp from Thalon.

When ordering, the android will autonomously go where the goods are stored to look for it. Initially, a person can enter an order in the boxes of the robot. However, according to the developers, “the idea is that, over time, Thalon will be able to stand up for itself in this situation.”

After receiving the product, the android will go to the elevator and, using cameras equipped with artificial intelligence, will select the buttons necessary to reach the place where the restaurant is.

When this happens at the door, where the user is located, he sends a message to a mobile phone, to an application, or makes a phone call to inform him that the order has already been received. The guest can only open the door and receive his order.

In front of Thalon, there are two small refrigeration compartments in which you can store drinks, cookies, packaged goods, and even freshly prepared dessert.

In the lower part of the two boxes allow you to take larger meals, such as breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition, if the client needs to send his laundry, you can hang it behind the robot, where you will find the hook.

Thalon is trained to handle orders for products from the minibar, room service for some simple dishes and cooking. He can also collect and wear laundry items.

Thalon integrates various types of technologies and uses them in one system in real time. “He understands that lasers are one thing, and acceleration, gravity or height are different, they are different types of measurements, all in one concept,” said Philip Harb, product manager for the Millennium.

The robot works through a computer center that acts like Talon’s brain. The computerized system, which receives and processes information from various sensors, is responsible for managing the work of three depth cameras using a technology called Lidar, which allows you to create three-dimensional maps of your environment and environment in real time. study. h

In addition, it is equipped with an ultrasonic and infrared sensor that will allow you to detect nearby obstacles, such as people or walks, and make decisions in real time, such as slowing down and moving in another direction. ,

His artificial intelligence system allows him to process information from what he sees through cameras. With this technology, developed countries are hoping that in the future Thalon can be used in hospitals or machine shops, providing working tools.

The robot also has face recognition, a system with which it intends to replace the hotel personnel behavior protocol. Thus, Talon recognizes the faces of the guests and greets them by name.

The company has invested about $ 250,000 in its development. This initiative aims to support various sectors, such as the hospitality industry, in which the employment rate was 56.7% only in 2018, in such tasks as the delivery of orders for mini-bars.



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