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Nubia Red Magic 3
Nubia Red Magic 3

Nubia Red Magic 3 Price in India: Nubia Red Magic 3  Specifications:  Nubia Red Magic 3  This is the last smartphone that entered the growing directory of mobile phones with a focus on mobile games. Here is this smartphone for the game. It comes to the market with two strong arguments on which we focused on the study of the Red Magic 3 screen: 90 Hz and the cooling system with a fan.

Nubia Red Magic 3 – Specification

With a starting price of 479 euros for the model with the most basic configuration Nubia Red Magic 3 This is a smartphone that we can easily block at the top level,

Among the remarkable features of this Red Magic 3, we find the usual characteristics in a wide range (processor, RAM, etc.) for some that offer a significant difference from the others, including the design, the 90 Hz screen or an interesting innovation of its active cooling with fan.

Gaming smartphone that does not hide

Nubia Red Magic 3 Nubian does not hide the fact that we are faced with a gaming terminal, at least when viewed from behind. In front, with frames above and below, two large stereo speakers are hidden , but fully integrated into the frames and without excessive intrusion into the terminal space.

This layout and size allows the group to provide sound quality, underlined by power, as well as clarity, despite the fact that the system does not have special assistance or configuration.

Red Magic 3 does not hide the frame, where two stereo speakers that we liked are hidden from above and below.

But when we turn around Nubia Red Magic 3, we find the metal back not smoothly and with many elements associated with the game team. We have, of course, aggressive logos and a strip of LED lights, we can control and adjust the lighting from the system.

The design of cutting games is not free in terms of equipment ergonomics. To begin with, the size, reliability and metal case make this phone a rather heavy model , more than 210 grams. It is also a team that cannot stand out among the high ranges with its thickness exceeding 9.5 mm.

The site is nice, comfortable, despite its size, but too long to safely manage. If not It is not slippery ,

Nubia Red Magic 3
Nubia Red Magic 3

One of the most interesting novelties of Nubia Red Magic 3 also has a decisive influence on the design of this smartphone. I’m talking about an active cooling systemwhich includes for the first time in a mobile phone a fan associated with liquid cooling.

To release this warm air from the inside, a main hole was created on the right side, just above the volume and ignition controls, largely focused on the Red Magic 3 design. The latter has an unusual shape of an irregular hexagon, which fits perfectly into the design of the back.

Despite the presence of these cooling sockets, over time, we checked the terminal for lengthy gaming sessions to confirm its value, which contains high temperatures in key components, such as a battery or a processor, we did not notice anything strange or boring for this situation.

It is also important to note that on the right side of the Nubia Red Magic 3, two specific areas serve as controls for the playback type. triggers , These are physically identifiable places, but they are not travel buttons. His activation technology is tactile and compatible with games, we can display any area of ​​the screen using these physical triggers in the game.

Fingerprint sensor and face to identify us

Although at first glance it does not look like this, there is a classic fingerprint reader on the back of Red Magic 3. Despite its unusual shape, the identification is very fast and reliable . Just place a finger registered on the hexagon, and we will be inside the system, having noticed a slight vibration.

Fingerprint identification is not the only one that we can use in this new gaming smartphone. Face identification . The bad news is that in the version we tested there is no possibility to integrate a double tap on the screen to trigger this recognition, and it must be activated by pressing the on / off button. But identification happens instantly.

We recommend storing both systems at the same time.

0 Hz begins to be a requirement in the high range.

In gaming smartphones, the screen is a key element with a powerful and good cooling system. In this Nubia Red Magic 3 we have very strong arguments: AMOLED screen is 6.65 inches in 19.5: 9 format and when called it is a 90 Hz panel, which is especially important when we play very smoothly and visually relaxed.

The most powerful smartphone at the moment

If its design or screen is not enough to stand out in a shop window, Nubia Red Magic 3 took care of its technical characteristics to gain the honor of being the most powerful terminal of the year with OnePlus 7 Pro we tested recently. The base is definitely strong: Snapdragon 855 and up to 12 GB of RAM ,



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