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New Operating System of Huawei
New Operating System of Huawei

If you are a Huawei user the last few weeks might seem tedious. Although the existing phones in the Chinese brand market still have not experienced any inconvenience, approaching August is the expiration date of the license granted by EE. , UU, so that Huawei receives updates from the Android operating system. At the moment we do not know what will happen.

Everything You need to know about the New Operating System (OS) of Huawei

Among the rumors, news and promises about the possible emergence of an operating system developed by the Chinese technology giant, many questions have arisen. That is why here we have the answers to the most frequent of this new system.

New Operating System of Huawei
New Operating System of Huawei (HongMeng)

Already sure that there will be a new system?

Yes, company executives at various times have said in the past few weeks that their plan B will be available for the first time in China. On May 13, the company received permission in its country to register HongMeng, a registered trademark until May 2029.

At the end of the month, Huawei also filed a European Union patent for an operating system and a compiler called Ark OS, allowing the system to reach the region. On May 27, the company filed a new patent application with the name HongMeng in the Peru Indecopi antitrust agency.

But are HongMeng and Ark OS the same?

Since patent registries do not contain more detailed information about the content, it cannot be said with certainty whether there will be a difference between them. Changing the name may be related to marketing strategies, but it is not safe.

At the moment there was no official confirmation of the system name. It seems likely that with the Peru registry, if approved, the system falls under the name of HongMeng for the Latin American region.

When will it be available?

According to the executive director of the consumption department, Richard Yu, the new software will initially be available in China in the second half of 2019, and then will be released worldwide in early 2020.

According to some local media, the operating system may appear “already this fall.” This means that in August or September, the first operating system of the Chinese manufacturer, the third player in the market dominated by Android and iOS, may appear after an unsuccessful attempt of Windows Phone.

Do you know how this will happen?

There are many rumors, but there is no exact confirmation. Below we describe the most reliable of them.

The system will be enabled for phones, computers and tablets as a software solution for several Chinese brand devices, which will depend on the blocking of Android and Windows due to a team from the United States government. UU, in the context of commercial tensions with China.

Some portals assume that the HongMeng operating system will be based on the Linux operating system, identical to the Android operating system, and that instead of choosing a different architecture, this approach guarantees compatibility with most design models. current android. This can facilitate the adoption of Ark OS, not allowing users to get used to the new operating system Huawei.

According to the China Daily report, there is an email in which the company convinces developers to enter their program and publish their developments in their own app store called AppGallery.

This app store must arrange to sign in to popular apps like Instagram, Facebook or Netflix. Since this is a new system, it can even enter into negotiations with Apple’s own applications that can compete with Google’s solutions if they wish. In the end, if they do not reach an agreement, users can install the APK of the most popular applications, but there is a cybersecurity risk in some of =

Will it be better than Android?

For seven years, the HongMeng project was somewhat silent, so Huawei did not create its operating system from scratch.

According to the Chinese newspaper Global Times, Huawei is already testing its system in China with other telephone operators. The manufacturers of OPPO and VIVO have sent equipment to test the new system. According to media reports, it was 60% faster than Android. Huawei Central’s report, a portal manufacturer’s leak, ensures that there are already a million phones with an installed operating system at the testing stage.

However, outside of local newspapers, and if technical tests are not carried out directly, comparison is not possible.

Google recently warned that a ban on updating the operating system on Huawei phones could make these devices more vulnerable to hacking and cybercrime. It is assumed that if Huawei develops its own version of Android, Google will not control the software and will not be able to handle security updates in the system.

Depending on what will happen in the coming months, the emergence of a new operating system may bring new opportunities and developments for users, and the choice of a better system may be subject to preferences or tastes for the service, as is currently the case for those using Android. or iOS.


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