Motorola One Vision – Full phone specifications :

Motorola One Vision
Motorola One Vision

Motorola One Vision: Currently, manufacturers have to take a big risk in order to attract the attention of a new smartphone and stand out from the rest of the models that compete in the middle of the range . It is necessary to combine very powerful features, innovative design and an ever lower price. What did Motorola achieve with One Vision?

Here is everything you need to know about the Motorola One Vision

The new Motorola One Vision has just surpassed the previous Motorola One model with some aspects of this 2019, such as a perforated screen or a 48 megapixel rear view camera , while maintaining the native version of Android One because … why change what is already good?

With an initial price of 299 euros, it can be a really competitive and interesting mobile phone for many, but before making a decision, let’s look in depth all that he suggests we find our strengths and weaknesses.

Motorola, why such a long phone?

There is nothing more to take from this mobile phone, there is a detail that attracts attention with its size. Motorola One Vision is an elongated mobile phone 16 cm in height and 71 mm in width, to which you need to add a thickness of 8.7 mm. Some measures that really make it convenient to use with one hand , although this is an excessive height of the panel, which makes us difficult to reach the top of the screen.

This format allows you to have a large screen , 6.3 inches, which also have one of the main details of this smartphone, a hole for the front camera, which we will talk about later.

The edges of this screen are not too thin and, moreover, rather asymmetrical. The problem is that this extended format is a bit narrow when it comes to viewing multimedia content in black on both sides, unless we use platforms like Netflix already adapted to this particular feature of this year’s screens.

Meanwhile, in the back we have a standard and elegant design. a fingerprint reader in the center of the case with the Motorola logo, and then we have photographic equipment with a dual camera, which is far superior to the case. This involves a much greater risk of a strong blow than a greater accumulation of dirt. Motorola has a transparent plastic case that protects the terminal from shock.

But, of course, this case prevents us from looking, because it deserves the style with which they decorated this terminal. From one side of the matter to the other, the blue colors darken to the center until the deep black color ends, the gradient in horizontal position with a very original color combination and at the same time restrained.

Screen perforated without much success

The fact that the front camera of mobile phones connected with time to the screen of the same one is a fact that we can no longer deny, and this will go further with the advent of phones moving with the camera under the panel. As the trend emerges, Motorola decides to risk a perforated screen Bet, which worked very well for Samsung with the new S10.

However, the frame that was placed around this hole is excessive, so the bet has failed. To achieve this result, it would be interesting to use a simple drop-shaped notch in the center of the top edge.

As we said in the previous section, the frames around the rest of the panel are also quite thick, so we left the 6.3-inch screen and the Format 21: 9 , This is not a bad size, but they could have more.

We are talking about a single IPS LCD panel. The resolution is Full HD + (1080 x 2.520 dpi) and 432 dpi , which provides very good sharpness. In the bottom image you can see the quality with which each area of ​​the Google Chrome logo is different.

We can not complain about the Brightness with 444 lux on average , Both inside and outside the brightness level is good, so the surrounding light does not prevent us, for example, from seeing the frames that we see in the photo. There is also a very slight deviation or lack of uniformity of illumination from one point to another on the screen.

Although we would like to have a little way to calibrate the screen for our taste, this mobile does not provide such a possibility, with the exception of a small adjusting the color intensity, which is not very useful, and of course, reading mode Somewhat helpful to use the phone at night.

Mastery of daily use and some sporadic games

Motorola surprised the replacement of Qualcomm processor Snapdragon 600 family, commonly used in this range, on the Samsung SoC , or rather the Exynos 9609 processor with eight cores at 2.2 GHz in addition to one GPU MP3 Mali G72 ,

Motorola One Vision
Motorola One Vision

The Motorola One came with a Snapdragon 625, a processor that worked very well. Although this new model does not have, it does not mean that its performance is not as expected from a mobile phone in this category.

Equipped with 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory Expandable with a microSD card, the new Motorola phone responds well to everyday use. We use this only for checking emails and sending text messages, or if we want to take photos and watch multimedia content every day.

Below you have the results that you received in the performance tests that we usually do, and you can compare them with those obtained with other similar models, so you can get an idea of ​​the power that it offers.

Motorola One Vision allows you to play all the games, but, of course, it does not do so with maximum quality. We checked the names as PUBG Mobile or Asphalt without any special obstacles. So, if you don’t mind taking on strange cravings, you can trust this terminal.

Pure Android with Motorola keys

We have already mentioned, Motorola One Vision comes with Android One, especially the cake version 9 , the latter, which was officially received from Google. This is already very good news, but if we add to this that the brand has not made any significant changes to the software, we have found almost pure Android, which we already know well and which is very convenient for us to use,

When you meet a new mobile phone, you are sometimes surprised to find many features and applications of the brand and other enterprises that you did not request and that you are not interested in and only care about it. 39; space. Most applications can be deleted, but if you change the interface with the settings layer, it will be a bit more difficult to change.

This is not the case of Motorola, here the appearance and functioning of Android were fully respected . With the exception of traditional Google applications, the pre-installed application almost did not appear, and in the settings we only have a section on Motorola.

Section, which, moreover, was very useful for us. This is a short list of navigation functions for faster use of the phone . We have, for example, the ability to activate a flashlight by shaking the phone, or to open the camera application by turning the wrist twice.

But without a doubt, the function with which they have the most success is one-button navigation . Instead of the three classic buttons to return, return to the main screen or search among the latest applications, we have one button. Having shifted one or the other side, we will return to the menu of recent applications, and if we click on it, it will take us to the home page. Very helpful, really.

Finally, we must unleash the two unlocking systems of this terminal in this section. fingerprint reader and face recognition that do a very good job. Yes, they are fast and efficient, both. Although the facial system is a bit slower than a fingerprint scanner, it does not give us errors every minute, so we really liked it.

Cameras in search of light

If there is any aspect or function that more strongly determines the struggle between different manufacturers of smartphones, then this is their photographic ability . When presenting a new model, the advantages of its photographic equipment come first, as in the case of Motorola.

Carrying a good camera in your pocket is an advantage of growing demand. When choosing a phone, we need to think not only about everyday life, but also about how we can use your photo equipment when we go on vacation, and we want to perpetuate the moment with the best resolution.

In this case, Motorola chose the Samsung 48 and 5-megapixel dual rear-view camera , whose main goal is to get photos with lots of light. For which they included Quad Pixel Technology which combines four pixels into one, which results in 12 megapixels brighter thanks to the information of four adjacent photodiodes.

In addition, we have Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and artificial intelligence software. It all becomes a highlight of the Night Vision Mode . In the following example, you can see how it can easily illuminate the scene, which in another situation would be difficult to create and maintain in detail.

The phone itself recommends turning on night vision when it detects that there is little light in the scene. This is an example of some of the features of the camera app, such as Google Lens or scene recognition, night scenes for those where we photograph objects like food.

In the front camera we also find similar options, although in this case we have a 25 MP lens , Also Quad Pixel Technology is here to illuminate selfies.

Thus, you can compare the work done by the two most famous effects, Fashion beauty and bokeh In this mobile, we created two selfies in the picture above. On the left, you can see when the background fades and cuts the silhouette fairly well, with the exception of the angle of glasses, although this is often found on most phones. And correctly, the beauty mode in its automatic mode, that is, the mobile selects the intensity. If you do not like it, you can always turn it off or customize it on your own.

Then you have a choice with some photos that we took with this terminal, but if you want to see them all and with the best quality, we leave here the link to the folder where we all registered.

Battery is not your forte

We got to the battery section, another key point, to choose a mobile or another. Motorola One Vision has a 3500 mAh battery. This is a very acceptable figure for an easy-to-use mobile phone, which does not correspond to the spectrum of the market to which this phone is addressed.

For the price that was introduced in Spain, and we know other models, the batteries of which are larger in size and offer similar functions and even found cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy M20, which offers up to 5000 mAh.

But how do they make the 3500 mAh Motorola One Vision? During the days we tested, this phone worked without problems all day, but after 24 hours the charger should have been nearby, do not stay at the minimum of the battery.

As you can see in the picture above, this terminal can operate for 5 and a half hours with the display always on and the maximum brightness level. A slightly smaller result than we are used to, as we have already mentioned, are other phones in this category. However, we have a quick download.

It is always appreciated that the smartphone has a quick loading system . In this case, this is 15 W , although it is not the fastest on the market, it slightly reduces the waiting time until the terminal is fully charged.

TurboPower Charger as seen on the graph, you can increase the battery charge from 1% to 50% in 45 minutes. If we want to reach 100%, we will have to wait a little over two hours.

Connection, whatever you want

What would be our motives if today we did not have different communication systems? Most of the tasks we do with these devices would be impossible. Therefore, we must choose a new smartphone, well equipped in this regard.

In particular, the protagonist of this analysis very well notes this last section, because it represents most of the conditions that we usually set for mobile phones in its category. For a start, rely on It has a WiFi 5 connection or is also known as the 802.11 ACstandard currently found in other WiFi adapters and routers and compatible with the 5 GHz band.

It is also compatible with Bluetooth 5.0 , which can reach speeds of 2 Mbps and a greater range up to 240 meters, in addition to greater energy savings.

In addition to these two functions, we find in the list of Motorola One Vision specifications support for NFC technology that allows you to make payments using a mobile phone and forget a little about the cards. In addition, another good news I mentioned earlier is the possibility of increasing the internal storage using a microSD card , which is accompanied by a Dual SIM card. In other words, we can use two SIM cards at the same time.

As for the connector for charging the terminal or connecting it to other devices, we are also lucky because it brings USB Type C the latest standard, which, even if much remains to be done to fully expand it with the technology market, offers us a lot of power transfer.

Finally, let’s talk about sound. Motorola One Vision was made with a speaker with Dolby Audio; it gives very good results and sufficient volume even in conditions of strong noise. The same goes for headphones, to which we can connect a minijack , In addition, we have FM radio to listen to all stations in the region and two microphones scattered across the terminal.



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