Most difficult video game in history –

Most difficult video game in history
Most difficult video game in history

Most difficult video game in history: We will not cheat on this stage of the game. When we acquire a video game, we want to live adventures, rivalries, trials, experiences … But we want to live them and risk to achieve our goals . In fact, the alternative is to turn on a TV, tablet or entertainment service on a Netflix card or in any entertainment service, and reserve our thumbs up to pick the next popcorn.

From the legendary “Pong” artificial intelligence to take advantage of Sekiro Mikiri, there is a certain degree to which there is no doubt, however, video games were not the only ones to develop . saving points, or that the game ends when the stopwatch reaches zero, that sometimes being beaten a hundred times can it be fun?

Let’s start with the founding of the first world “Super Mario Bros”  and try to remember or imagine how our first game went. We probably went shotgun to the first enemy and Zas! Life is less. The same thing happened when we discovered that if we fell on a cliff, our progress would not continue. Two lives less, we have only one test left! But in return, we have already learned two rules that will settle the license and give us the key to the equation: the learning curve.

Games easier today than yesterday?

As the history of the video game industry expands, a selective retrospective is created, as in the case of other expressions. such as music or movies, which may condition our memories. However, it cannot be denied that most modern games are designed to prevent user discomfort and this leads to a search for developers to make some mechanisms or rules more tolerant.

Today, video games offer infinite life expectancy and strategically distributed control points, but we must not forget that several regular games played in one session exceeded an hour and a half of entertainment. ,

This is the most difficult games in history

Most difficult video game in history
Most difficult video game in history

Captain Planet

Very easy, based on a TV animation license, video game adaptation Captain Planet and the Planets Five levels are offered, which were punished by critics and the public for limited graphic quality exhibited. However, access to the control system was a feat, given the ease with which we were overthrown by artificial intelligence itself, and the limited capabilities of this defender of the hero of Earth.

The Amiga / Atari version put the responsibility for us on Planetarium, a series of young people from all over the world who, having joined their elementary forces, caused the terror of the polluters, of course, in the NES version, where these friends will face to their ecological air vehicle, losing the game, if we are overthrown by the enemy or if we damage the bird during our trip. Nobody said that saving the planet is easy ,

Tetris 99

The cult game Alexey Pajitnov it is updated, adding an unexpected twist to your sentence: Battle Royale. To win Tetris 99 “We will not only have to control the elements of our game, but also anticipate the tricks of 98 players. fortunately Karma is very present in this game ,

Difficulty Tetris 99 “It’s not about your own idea, but about your competitive spirit. The odds of winning the game are almost one in a hundred. and being the ace that puts Tetrominós will not help us much if we are swept away by an attack of two or three opponents that put us in the spotlight.

However, the real challenge begins when the barrier of 50 active players passes. The stage in which we see the rest of the players begin to fall, like flies, and in which the exchange of lines is gradually taking place.

The shadow of the beast

Six layers of parchment, an exceptional art section and a soundtrack that continues to work today Just as the first day is not the only advantage for which Shadow of the Beast was especially good among Amiga players as a result of versions and sequels. Giant enemies who filled the screen, all sorts of tricky attacks that can appear at any time, a huge and labyrinth world that needs to be detected, as well as our punches and kicks to begin our journey to redemption.

Each of our movements had to be calculated with millimeter accuracy, and it was not for this that we managed to get rid of some traps or unexpected shots. In general, “Shadow of the Beast” is a vivid example of how games are concentrated almost three decades ago, and its recent remake gives us a rough idea of ​​how it is adapted to modern standards.


Let’s talk about the complexity of one of the undisputed games of the year 2018. This is delicate. Without a doubt, Celeste is a difficult task, but Matt Makes Games made the whole game process acceptable to players due to levels that, although they require additional accuracy, have a sophisticated design.

Celeste The drinks in many of the names that you see at the bottom of the list, but his message and his artistic section (including his outstanding BSO) give him a sense of individuality that crystallizes even more through a deep sense of satisfaction during the closing of the levels seen first, seem impossible. Fortunately, Madeline has enough resources and charisma to make this mountainous odyssey a truly exciting adventure.

Rising Trials

The “Testing” series completely changes the concept of the classic ExciteBike NES: Achieving the goal without losing balance is always a goal, but as soon as we pass the first levels, we will find schemes that are between surrealism and almost impossible ,

In this respect, the recently launched «Trials Rising» raises the bar compared to previous deliveries: it not only preserves Trials track editor, which we saw in the «Trials Mergers», but also making it more visible and includes new elements that Shoot in the imagination of the majority of maciavellian spirits ,

However, the most curious and complex element is another novelty: the “Trials Rising” mode in tandem mode assumes that two players gain control of the same bike. That is, two people must control both the strength and the balance needed to solve each track. Either you laugh, or desperate.

​​Electronic Super Joy

Launched in August 2013 Electronic SuperThis is the first example that we will see in this list of titles, in which the screenshot doesn’t reflect either the quality of the game or the experience they can offer. In the future, it will be necessary to overcome more than 45 levels depending on thoughts, success, mistakes and good luck; To which should be added a visual and game section combining the elements of Limbo and Super Meat Boy.

In practice, Michael Todd Games requires very hard movements to cross platforms effortlessly to land, jump into space, teleport, which will cost us more than than, and, as if it were not enough guided missiles, the purpose of which is not to stop, too many think about our next step. Of course, every level exceeded knows fame.


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