The Spanish company proposes to recreate the Human Colony on the Red planet

Human Colony on the Red planet
Human Colony on the Red planet

Human Colony on the Red planet: Human Colony on the Red planet: “Mars is a desert land, and I am completely alone, I already knew that, of course. There is a difference between knowledge and life is really “ If you have not read” The Martian “, the first novel by Andy Weir, you have seen the adaptation of Ridley Scott and Matt Damon. Can you imagine living in such an experiment? Spanish Society Astrolend offers to try, what life would be on a red planet for 100 days.

Human Colony on the Red planet

The company is currently in the process of choosing to select 100 crew members for a total of 10 missions . They will have 10 members each. The initiative, which costs 10,000 euros and is divided into three phases, is based on a program developed in accordance with the methodologies of space agencies.

At the first stage, selected representatives will receive distance education for three months, both physical and mental, with different personal development techniques and advanced psychology techniques. “At this stage, there will be various three-hour online sessions and subsequent tutorials,” said David Ceballos, Astroland CEO. 2 0 minutes ,

Human Colony on the Red planet
Human Colony on the Red planet

“After separate sessions, each astrolender should prepare ” Although under the supervision of his trainers (both physically, with a personal trainer, and nutrition, scientific, psychological …), “he added.

“The training program includes scientific reports in which field studies will be conducted. It also includes a fitness program and a special diet. This must be reported periodically, ”says Ceballos.

Practical part

At the second stage, the choice will move to the Astroland Space Center. Located in the Cantabrian Science and Technology Park, where they will simulate space walks on speleology lessons, they will practice neutral buoyancy, simulating weightlessness, and will be trained in emergency plans.

“Astrolanders will arrive in Santander, they will spend the night, and the next morning will begin the last segment of their training program, within three days they will receive brief technical instructions on the interior of the cave (costumes, communications, oxygen, …). And speleology, archeology, rock climbing, weightlessness, etc., “continues the general director of the company.

Finally, in the third stage, they will transfer to the space research station of Ares station, where the hostile conditions of the Martian environment will be reproduced and where they will be 4 days, 3 nights (in a long experience and in reducing hail). 30 days – three days and two nights). The resort is built inside a cave in Arredondo (Cantabria), which is 50 meters high and 1.2 km long.

“Any permanent human colony on Mars should be installed in lava tubes to protect you from being hostile to the Martian environment to be mortal to our bodies. All this is decided by the metro station; In addition, astrobiologists dream of finding a way of life in these cavities, ”says Ceballos of the place.

Day-to-day astronaut

Those who participate in the mission will find everything necessary for this space adventure: cosmonaut suits, laboratories for growing plants in impossible conditions, life capsules, search robots, 3D printers or foodstuffs adapted to needs. “At the Ares station, there will be an astronaut every day,” the CEO says.

“Astrolanders they will not be able to leave cabins without a suit. Cosmic antibacterial, flexible and resistant to abrasion; a monopolymer woven from one piece of 3D printing,” he says.

The company emphasizes that applicants who have already applied for participation in the initiative already have “very diverse profiles” and they come from Asia, Europe, Africa and America , “We consider it more interesting to assess the reaction of people who are not trained in aerospace today. context, because in the future they will make up the majority of the inhabitants of interplanetary missions, “says Ceballos.

Astroland’s general director adds that although they must be physically fit for the program assigned to them in the mission and that there are different levels in the selection process, the role is assigned to the qualities and we prepared them physically and psychologically at the previous stage to accept “.

The arrival of the Mission on Mars are expected to at least 2030. “Thus, this experiment is one of the first scientific tests to be developed for a safe and secure installation of a human colony on the planet.”



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