If you have a Huawei Phone, Huawei was blocked by Google 

Huawei was blocked by Google . This is not a secret, because every day there were several reports of the blockade, its consequences and the impact of the Google veto on Huawei mobile phones, which sometimes created unnecessary alarm. Although at the beginning everything was unclear, through various official statements we already have a “profile” about What is happening with Huawei phones now after Google’s blocking? And explain it step by step.

Huawei was blocked by Google 

On Sunday, we went to sleep with Google’s veto on Huawei, a carafe of cold water intended for users and society, but it was not the only one. ARM and SD Association do not transfer their licenses to the Chinese company, which means that they will not be able to create new chips with ARM licenses or use microSD cards. New platitudes may arise in the next few days.

As they say, a kind of anxiety was created about what will happen with the current Huawei and the picture is not so dark for those who have already sold (and has nothing to do with what happens if the situation is not resolved from August 19

Can I continue to use WhatsApp, Instagram and the rest of my current Huawei’s most popular apps?

The most important question many users have asked these days: Will my Huawei be a very expensive paperweight? The answer in this case is categorical: no. Huawei users will be able to continue to use WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter … and the rest of the applications that you have installed now.

In addition, you can also continue to use any application from Google, including the Play Store, to download applications, for example, until now. That is, current Huawei users will not see any changes on your device, and you will continue to use your mobile phone as before.

Can I switch to Android Q on my Huawei?

Another song is the operating system update. And this, as we said, from August 19, the real blockade of Google for Huawei will begin, and the company’s next mobile phone will not carry Android. In addition, they will not be upgraded to Android Q.

This year at Google I / O, Google fully introduced Android 10 Q, and Huawei will not have the advantages of this operating system. This is yes, the Chinese company will continue to accept updates MIUI on Android 9 is palien, somehow, the lack of Android Q in current mobile phones, even if it is not the same …

And yes, Huawei can use Android, an open source operating system , but without all the Google services (which really value the system).

Will my Huawei be safer from now on? Does he have a guarantee?

We will have Google security updates. At the very least, even if the mobile device is not updated to Android Q, Mountain View will continue to distribute monthly security updates.

It was said that Huawei mobile phones will be more uncertain, and this is not the case, because Google Sam has confirmed that security patches distributed monthly will continue to be distributed on Huawei phones abandoned before the blockade.

This makes sense: there are Google applications and business services that contain data from many customers, and you don’t want to do without them, putting their security at risk.

And if, Honor and Huawei Mobile phones continue to use the manufacturer’s warranty ,

What will happen from August 19?

“Big” will come from August 19. As the saying goes, If you want to buy a Huawei phone or you already have it, everything will continue, as before , but with the restriction of the inability to update Android Q.

If you need Huawei for your camera, it will continue to work, as well as Google applications, the most frequently used applications, games, etc. But we will not have a new Android Q operating system .

If you were waiting, for example, Mate 30, which was supposed to become a device at the end of the year, there would be a problem , And will the device be released after the blockade, which means that you do not have Android Q and an alternative to Huawei should be installed (by rumored to be compatible with Android applications, but not with Google services).

Therefore, if you planned to buy a P30 Pro this summer to take pictures on the beach, it will work as before the blockade, but if you were waiting for Mate 30 or the phone that appears after August 19, change.

What about Honor and other Huawei devices?

The last key to understanding the blockade of Huawei in Google is Honor . The Chinese company has many devices, many with Android, such as smart watches or mobile phones from the Honor subsidiary.

All these devices, including the Honor and the corresponding clothing, as well as mobile devices, are included in the Huawei package, so that they are also displayed in the black list and the conditions of their use coincide with those described above.

In other words, if you want Honor Pro 20 to take photos, or because you like the phone (by the way, we already have the first impressions), everything will work as before, but after the launch of Honor on August 19, the same restrictions as Huawei.

So these are the keys to understand what is happening with Huawei after blocking Google and how it affects you at the user level. Let’s see if the situation is resolved before August 19.



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