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Games and Advertising We Expect the Most in E3
Games and Advertising We Expect the Most in E3

Games and Advertising We Expect the Most in E3: E3 Officially, it will begin on June 11th. However, as usual, some companies are ahead of the most important video game show in the world. The first to do this was Google, which finally announced the original catalog, pricing and availability of Stadia, its streaming game service. But there is still a lot of content to see.

Games and Advertising we expect the Most in E3

Important announcements will continue tomorrow with Electronic Arts and will last several days at Microsoft, Bethesda, Ubisoft and Square Enix conferences, as well as Nintendo Direct. Unfortunately, Sony lost the great event in Los Angeles; The Japanese company has chosen to find other options for presenting its next news, but some news about the names that will be released on PS4 between 2019 and 2020 is not excluded. Here are the events you should not miss:

  • A. – June 8 at 6:30 pm (11:30 am in Mexico)
  • Microsoft– June 9 at 10:00 pm (3:00 pm from Mexico)
  • Bethesda– June 10 at 02:30 (June 9 at 19:30 in Mexico)
  • Ubisoft– June 10, 10 pm (3 pm in Mexico)
  • Square Enix– June 11 at 03:00 (June 10 at 20:00 in Mexico)
  • NintendoJune 11 18:00 (11:00 Mexico)

E3  promises to give another look at the future of video games , including its next generation. Despite the lack of a PlayStation, excellent announcements of games and services are expected. What do we expect the most? We collect everything we want to see at the California Fair:

Games and Advertising We Expect the Most in E3
Games and Advertising We Expect the Most in E3

Jedi Star Wars: The Fallen Order

Electronic Arts will launch another franchise game created by George Lucas, Star Wars , Respawn Entertainment, creators of Titanfall and Apex: The legends they work in Jedi Star Wars: a fallen title that focuses on a campaign and forgets the multiplayer mode . This story put us at the feet of Cal Kestis, the survivor of Order 66, who destroyed the Jedi of the galaxy. EA plans to show the first stuff with gameplay; In the meantime, you can enjoy the trailer:

Halo infinity

Halo Infinity Designed by 343 Industries, probably the most anticipated exclusive conference at Microsoft. This was announced at E3 2018, but it will be this year when we see its first video being played. Portal Terrott put forward a few days ago that the game will also be launched on the new generation Xbox console. In fact, it seems that the demonstration will take place on a PC with features similar to the new hardware.

Gears of war 5

The coalition will take the stage of the Microsoft Theater to present its next project: Gears of War 5 The name was confirmed in 2018. History to continue the path of the characters who debuted in the fourth part , which was very acceptable for fans and members of the press. Maybe this time they risk creating completely new mechanisms? We will know it on June 9th.

Microsoft Project xCloud

Google Stadia and PlayStation Now are not the only competitors in the streaming video game industry. Microsoft has been working for several years now. XCloud Project , a platform that allows you to play any game on Xbox consoles, no need to have consoles, because graphics processing takes place on external servers. In this case, everything will be possible thanks to the infrastructure of Azure.

Redmond promised to reveal more information about Project xCloud at its E3 2019 conference. It’s likely that, like Google, they set prices and availability of the service, because everything indicates that it will work in the last months of this year.

Next generation xbox

Unlike Sony, Microsoft was more restrained on its next-generation console. Last year, they confirmed that they were working on new equipment, and ultimately offered the first technical details during the conference. Previous reports have announced that the company operates on two consoles, one of them with modest features that would not allow the drive to fully concentrate on digital format and services. The other, known as Scarlett, will be the direct successor of Xbox One and the main competitor of the PlayStation 5.

Eternal death

After the successful return of the rock In 2016, Bethesda and id Software intend to continue the work of one of the most shooters in history. The eternal death of this will happen this year on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch, as well as at the event of the publisher you can see the new mechanisms from the set.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint

After the popular Wild Lands , Ghost Recon Breakpoint again points to the open world, but is now on a fictional island. On this occasion, they say goodbye to drug cartels in favor of a group of former professional soldiers . Who has a clear enough goal: to hunt us. And technology will be your main ally. In the presentation of Ubisoft we will see in more detail its gameplay.

Legion Watchdogs

Ubisoft was forced to confirm the Legion Watchdogs after the leaks that appeared this week. If the previous reports are completed, the third title of the saga will be delivered in the city of London and will introduce us to the new main character. His mechanics will pay special attention to cracking devices, as in previous games, it even talks about the possibility of taking control of any NPC. We will learn about this during the conference of the French company.

Marvel Avengers

After years of speculation, finally, Crystal Dynamics will teach the official video game Avengers , the brand on the entertainment top thanks to the premiere of The Avengers: the end of the game , the recent leak has anticipated some of its mechanisms, such as the ability to play in co-op mode for up to four players all assumes the role of a superhero . We will see this in the Square Enix presentation.


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