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Electronic sports Video Games
Electronic sports Video Games

Electronic sports Video Games

Electronic sports Video Games:“Electronic sports are infectious, if you attend an event, you fall in love with love and you don’t even need to understand the subject.” In this statement, Angie Coronado, Operations Director of the Columbia Professional Video Games League (LVP), explains the impact they have on eSports or eSports meetings, a term that defines Professional video games competitions organized by leagues of software companies, structured teams and major brand sponsors. .

Electronic sports Video Games:

For Coronado and many other fans, eSports is a contagious passion that is increasingly turning into the video game industry. But this is not just a hobby, e-sports today is one of the most promising industries. According to the Newzoo survey, the video game industry reached $ 134.9 billion in revenue in 2018. The same report shows that the most popular video games on platforms such as Twitch or YouTube are League of Legends (LoL), viewed 347 million hours, 274 million hours Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO); and Dota 2 (250 million hours).

Large companies have decided to bet on this sector. It is not surprising that Mastercard, for example, sponsored the 2018 World Cup, which took place in South Korea last October and drew 99 million viewers. or that Gillette, a brand that specializes in men’s skin care products, has made an alliance with Infinity Esports, a Latin-American electronics sports club with teams like LoL, Fifa and CS: GO.

Colombia did not ignore this boom. In fact, the industry is going through one of the best moments. Last April, the LoL final for the Latin American games MoLtar, one of the most important electronic sports events in the region, was held in Bogota. This year the Golden League was also launched, the first professional video game league in the country, focused on the League of Legends, organized by LVP. June 4, the first day of the final season competition, reached a record in the program, reaching a total of 15,731 spectators.

Behind these great competitions, eSports is a structure in which different players participate: from fans to cosplayers (who disguise themselves as game characters) to team personnel, including analysts and psychologists.

Here are some of the major industry maps:


They tell each part, they remove emotions from games, they scream, they worry, they comment, and especially they are real fans and connoisseurs of video games. Cybersport narrators are known as casters, and their role is fundamental during events and live broadcasts.

“Watching a game without sound and speech is like talking to a wall, and we are trying to make the game more exciting than it is,” said Sebastian Murillo, LoL launcher at LVP Colombia. Uncle Steve’s name.

Sebastian Murillo, aka Uncle Steve and Carlos Bravo (“Charlie”), narrator of the Colombian Professional Video Games League (LVP)

A young man, 19 years old, explains that, although he does not have technical or professional training, he was to provide good training and to be aware of.

“Before each course of water, I warm my voice, drink lukewarm water, read and think about how to put people in context. You need to know what the latest news is because, like in a football game, sometimes nothing happens and you have to talk about other issues, ”he said.


Teams and their players are in the center of the eSports ecosystem. In the world there are consolidated clubs in which there are different game groups. In them the work of coaches, psychologists, analysts and nutritionists to ensure the well-being of the players to get the best performance of the game.

There are also game rooms, where players live for several months to prepare for the competition. Loto Gaming, an organization based in Sebastian Cortes in Medellin, created the first and only house of this type in the country. Cortez explains that consolidating the team in the country poses many problems (including lack of resources and financial support), but the main one, he said, is working on the maturity of the players, since most of them are between 17 and 25 years old.

Carlos Bravo, a commentator and expert on eSports, explains that the team uniform has been officially confirmed in recent months thanks to the arrival of LVP. “Many teams from all over the country have been trained by the community, and this has changed, because now everything has become more professional,” he says.

Today, teams must meet certain basic requirements in order to be part of the LVP: it is necessary that they maintain clear contractual relationships with their players and members of the organization. they are fined for breaking the rules and must have a brand plan in which they implement strategies for distributing and positioning on social networks.


Sandra Herrera, better known as LoboMolotov, is one of the cosplay leaders in Colombia. This concept refers to the trend in which a group of people represent a character in a video game, comic book or movie. You can often see disguised fanatics at online sports events, but there are official competitions where participants get prizes and run into each other to take the position of the best representative.

“Cosplayers” represent video game characters and participate in competitions where they win prizes.

In fact, there are people who are completely committed to this activity. “Although I’m not fully engaged in this, it’s an important part of what I’m doing and my livelihood,” says Herrera, who created a total of 50 characters, most of which are in the game. League of Legends.

For competitions, Lobomolotov plays about 10 or 12 games only with the character he will represent. You must understand this, feel it, and study its movements. “The day before, two hours before the character’s audio, the idea is to get into the psyche,” he explains. Kayn Odyssey, Vi Demoniaca and Darius are among his favorites. Their presence also reinforces the concept of community around e-sports. They all have the same passion, share the same interests and live together the emotions of the competition.



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