Daily use of Artificial Intelligence, IBM Think – New Technologies

Daily use of Artificial intelligence
Daily use of Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to industry, science, and research, but it also affects people’s daily lives. For example, when you use a smartphone, many of us unconsciously interact with the “common” artificial intelligence system, which allows us to use the device faster.

Daily use of Artificial intelligence, IBM Think – New Technologies

Face recognition, fingerprint readers, voice assistants such as Siri or Alexa, and well-known autonomous vehicles, there are other examples where AI gets closer to our daily lives.

And not only in the cities. A few months ago, an artificial intelligence-based system was launched to inform farmers about the condition of the soil before planting, in order to facilitate decisions regarding crop fertilization processes.

Said project This is the first step in this type of technology in areas such as agriculture, one of many sectors that already benefit from AI. At IBM THink, which took place last month in Mexico, we learned some of them.

Daily use of Artificial intelligence
Daily use of Artificial intelligence

Health revolution

The health sector is one of the most advanced thanks to AI, because its diagnostic capabilities far exceed the capabilities of people.

This is especially useful when analyzing diseases such as cancer. “If we have specific data on pressure, temperature, walking, diet, and a combination of each patient with genetic data, place of residence, and family history, a program such as Watson Health allows doctors to ask questions. improved diagnosis and treatment, ”says Jorge Vergara, head of technology and innovation at IBM Colombia.

Other companies have also made progress in this area , Google is confident in developing an algorithm based on artificial intelligence that diagnoses and even predicts the appearance of breast cancer. and easy with complete accuracy. The latter disease causes more than 1.7 million deaths worldwide every year.

Vergara believes that artificial intelligence can revolutionize even the treatment of less serious cases. “No one has the same physical conditions as the others. Why not give you a cure for a headache that was not designed for everyone?

Education is another area conducive to AI. IBM developed the Watson Element for Educators division as part of a closed program in the school district of Texas, USA.

There, schools are fully equipped with smartphones and tablets from Apple. At the pilot stage, about 750 teachers used this application to keep records and obtain information on 12,300 pupils in primary and secondary schools. In addition to concentrating all information on each student, his grades, attendance and other personal data, the system allows teachers to record their impressions of each student when they show interest in a topic or hobby. more or less big. for a particular subject.

In addition, the fashion industry has opened up space for artificial intelligence. New combinations, trends and designs are the result of creative processes in which technology resources help designers. Something similar happened in gastronomy with new recipes, created on the basis of metrics and studies of smells and flavors of each food.

Even in music, we remember the musical experience thanks to which Andres Cepeda collaborated with the system that composed the song. The development of this concept forces analysts to predict the future of personalized playlists, in which even songs are generated by artificial intelligence to satisfy the tastes of each user.

Finally, the movie feeds on artificial intelligence at all its stages. The algorithms were used not only to analyze the scenario in its embryonic state and predict its chances of success, but some claim that they can predict when an actor or actress will reach its peak and where his records will start to work worse. Hollywood uses AI to decide which films to make and who takes the initiative , Fox has partnered with Google and used artificial intelligence to determine the audience’s response to the trailer and determine the most enthusiastic audience.

In the same way, a film project that could cost millions and millions of dollars, the research turned to AI to cut costs. Actors should no longer be present in recordings, but only allow the use of images. Thus, the producers use the previous entries to digitize them and get, and the main characters appear in this new group, doing everything necessary.

“In fact, if you noticed in the recent Fast and Furious movie, Paul Walker was already dead, and the saga continued when the actor appeared in other scenes. Artificial intelligence is used to duplicate scenarios, it is used to replace duplicates that risked their lives. Now they are not needed so much.



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